Introduction to Inforiver

Inforiver offers the fastest way to build Power BI reports, using a comprehensive set of features enabled by cutting-edge user experience.

Use cases supported

You can leverage Inforiver to support several use cases such as the following:

  1. Storytelling with annotations

  2. Free-form data exploration

  3. Visualizations

  4. Commenting & collaboration

  5. Formatted and paginated reports

  6. Spreadsheet-like pivot analysis

  7. What-If simulations

  8. Visual-level formula & calculations

  9. Write back data to databases and shared drives

  10. Manual data entry & capture

  11. Forecasting, planning & budgeting

  12. Scheduling

5 reasons to get started with Inforiver

1. Your productivity suite for data

The Inforiver matrix & charts together constitute a productivity suite for your data.

2. Frequently asked features

Inforiver delivers capabilities available in other BI & visualization software (such as Tableau, Spotfire, Qlik, Cognos and SAP BusinessObjects) but not in Power BI.

3. Rich user experience

With Inforiver, report creators and consumers can perform a wide variety of user actions unlike what they have experienced in traditional BI & visualization software.

4. Accelerate your digital transformation

Automate your Excel-based processes by consolidating legacy BI reports and dashboards into Power BI, and eliminating data silos with governed datasets.

5. Best practices and standards

Inforiver adopts a business-responsive design, that can help users deliver IBCS-compliant business, management, variance, and performance reports in a single click.

Learn more about the 5 reasons to get started with Inforiver.

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