Rails allow you to enable the horizontal and vertical ruler and adjust the column width and row height of the visual.

a) In the 'Home' tab of the toolbar, click on the 'Rails' icon in the Actions section.

By default, rails are enabled for all the layouts except for Hierarchy, Drilldown and Measures (Pivot).

b) Let's see how to adjust the column width using rails. Simply drag and place the ruler to the desired size as shown below.

c) Below is an example of adjusting row height.

d) You can select any row/column by clicking the corresponding rail.

e) Hovering over the rails, you can view the gripper for both rows and columns.

f) You can give numbering over rails. In the 'Home' tab of the toolbar, select 'Display' from the 'Actions' section. In the 'General' tab of the side panel, enable the 'Show Ruler Numbering'.

g) You can now see the numbering over the rails.

In the next section, we'll cover toolbar options.

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