Basic formatting

Once you have chosen the layouts and/or templates, it is time to apply some basic formatting to the report. In this section, we cover the following:

1. Number formatting - Inforiver comes prepackaged with intelligent number formatting & scaling recognition capabilities which will be covered in Number formatting.

2. Cell & value formatting - In Inforiver, you can change the font color, style, size, and text alignment in a cell, or apply formatting effects. To learn more, refer to Cell & value formatting.

3. Totals & subtotals - Be it a typical table or a hierarchical matrix style report in Power BI, Inforiver allows you to seamlessly manage subtotals and grand totals in a couple of clicks. To learn more, refer to Totals & subtotals.

4. Insert blank rows - Financial statements and reports often require options to add white spaces for formatting. Inforiver provides the insert 'empty row' option to achieve this in a single click. To learn more, refer to Insert blank rows.

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