Assign & track tasks

In this section, we'll see how you can assign tasks to stakeholders and track closure status. Tracking status for comment assignments, using terms such as ‘resolved’, ‘open’, etc. is helpful when you are interacting with multiple stakeholders.

1. Assign tasks

a) Let's add a column-level comment and assign it as a task. Select a column and click on 'Add a comment'.

b) Enter a comment. Click on the 'Assign a user' dropdown.

c) From the dropdown, select the desired user.

d) The status is set to 'Open'. Post the comment.

e) The task gets assigned.

2. Task status

a) By default, on assigning a task, it is set to 'Open'.

b) To change the task status, click on the 'three dots' and select 'Resolve thread'.

b) The thread is marked as resolved as shown below.

c) Resolved tasks can be reopened if required by clicking on the 'Undo' icon. Alternatively, replying to any resolved thread will automatically make it open again.

d) Comments added in the comments column can also be assigned as tasks. Select a comment and assign it to a user.

e) By clicking on the arrow highlighted, you can expand/collapse the task status and assignee columns. Based on the selection in the comments editor, these columns get populated automatically.

3. Filter/view all tasks

a) To view all the tasks, click on the 'Comments' dropdown and 'View all comments'.

b) From the dropdown highlighted, select 'Open' or 'Resolved'.

c) On selecting Open/Resolved, the relevant tasks are shown.

d) You can also filter by users using the 'Assigned to' dropdown. Select any user and click 'Apply'.

e) The relevant tasks get filtered.

f) Users who only consume the report in reading view and do not have edit rights are also able to see the tasks assigned to them. In the 'Writeback' tab, click on 'My tasks'. A side panel opens showing the list of tasks assigned to you.

In the next section, we'll cover how you can track changes in comments and tasks.

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