2. Displaying information

We successfully created a simple Inforiver report in the previous section. In this section, we'll cover the following:

1. Report interface - An Inforiver visual has the following elements - toolbar, report header, report canvas, status bar, zoom in/out controls and pagination controls. To learn more about the report interface, refer to Report interface.

2. Layout options - Inforiver offers two major types of layout options - Table layouts and Measure layouts. Each of these comes with its own set of variations and can be used together in a single layout. To learn more, refer to Layout options.

3. Templates - In addition to the layout options, Inforiver provides three types of quick-start business templates, each of which can be customized further. To learn more, refer to Templates.

4. Basic formatting - Inforiver provides a number of options to format the values such as numbers, text, dates, totals etc. To learn more, refer to Basic formatting.

5. Basic inline charts - With Inforiver, you can deliver a range of charts and visualizations in your matrix reports in a single click. To learn more, refer to Basic inline charts.

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