Quick formula

Inforiver provides several one-click calculations for inserting columns and rows.

1. Quick formula

Columns/measures such as running total, % contribution to parent/grand total etc. can be inserted in a single click. These options can be accessed from the Insert tab -> Quick formula in the toolbar.

When you write custom formulas, you can also reference quick formula measures in them.

i) Running total

The following configuration options are available for 'Running total'.

Insert as - The running total can be inserted as a measure or column.

Based on Measure - Column/measure based on which the running total needs to be calculated.

If you want to calculate the running total for all leaf nodes, irrespective of the level of the hierarchy they belong to, select the 'Continuous Total' checkbox.

ii) Percentage running total

This formula is a variant of the running total quick formula. The running total is first calculated in the background at each level of the hierarchy after which it is displayed as a percentage of the total/subtotal.

iii) % Contribution to parent

In addition to choosing to insert as a visual measure/column and the base value, a progress bar can be enabled along with percentage and/or value to display.

iv) % Contribution to grand total

Contribution to the grand total can be inserted as shown below. To insert % contribution only for a selected category instead of all the categories or only for the column grand total, choose the 'Visual column' option and the corresponding column.

v) Lead/lag

You can perform a lead /lag calculation to shift any trend data by 'n' periods. This helps you quickly perform downstream variance calculations such as QoQ growth, YoY growth, etc. for each period.

vi) Overall ranking

Ranks can be added across different groups in a single click. Choose to insert as a measure or column and the base measure. Note that there are no ranks applied for the subtotals.

vii) Ranking within a group

Ranks within groups can be added including ranks for subtotals as shown in the below image.

viii) Insert variance

The default variance calculated by Inforiver is based on the first measure added to the AC/PY/PL/FC fields. Insert Variance can be used to calculate the variance between any native measures or formula fields in your report.

2. Smart analysis

% contribution and variance % columns can be added in a single click based on any cell in the visual. These can be accessed in the Insert tab -> Smart analysis as shown below.

You need to select a cell to enable the 'Smart analysis' option.

In the below image, % contribution has been added based on 2022 Actuals -> East.

In the below image, % variance has been added based on the grand total. But you can choose any other value as well. Note that the calculation gets added as a measure or column based on the presence of categories in the column field.

3. % Contribution rows

% Contribution based on any row can be inserted in a single click. To achieve this, in the Insert tab-> Insert row, select '% Contribution row'.

Select a row to enable the 'Insert row' option.

The % contribution row gets added as shown below.

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