Create visual hierarchies

With Inforiver, visual hierarchies in rows & columns can be created by selecting multiple items and grouping them. In the case of row grouping, the subtotal values are calculated automatically.

You can also create row groups automatically based on Conditional formatting - Classification.

1. Group columns

In the below example, the columns are to be grouped and named Revenue, Profitability, and Customers respectively.

The group icon is greyed out until a row or column is selected.

a) Select the columns to be grouped as Revenue. In the 'Insert' tab, click on 'Group' and then 'Add new group'. The other options in the dropdown will be covered in the next section.

b) Enter a label for the group as shown below and click 'Apply'.

c) The column group gets created and it can be formatted using the 'Style' and 'Alignment' options as shown below.

d) The other groups can be created and formatted as shown.

The values in the grouped measures will not be displayed when a group is collapsed.

2. Group rows

2.1. Manual grouping

a) On selecting a column or multiple columns, the 'Group' icon gets enabled. Select the rows to be grouped and click on 'Group' in the 'Insert' tab. A popup opens.

b) Enter the row group label and set the total position. Click 'Apply'.

c) The rows are indented to indicate that they are a part of a child hierarchy. The measures are automatically aggregated. A bar chart is displayed for the Margin column.

d) The row groups can be expanded/collapsed using the expand/collapse button.

2.2. Auto grouping

Conditional formatting has been covered in detail in section 5. For the purposes of exploring auto grouping of rows based on classification, we'll just look at the settings in brief.

In this example, classification rules are applied to Margin %. High/Medium/Low is displayed next to the Margin % values based on the applied ranges.

a) In the 'Insert' tab, click on 'Group' and select the 'Margin %' option.

b) Rows are automatically grouped as shown below.

3. Ungroup

3.1. Columns

To remove a column group, click on the column group label, the 'Remove group' icon, and the 'Remove group' option.

3.2. Rows

a) In case of manually grouped rows, select the group and click on the 'Remove group' icon in the 'Insert' tab.

b) In case of auto-grouped rows, in the 'Insert' tab, 'Group' dropdown, select 'None'.

In the next section, we'll cover how to pin rows and columns.


Group rows or columns in table/matrix reports

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