The configurations listed below can be used to setup an email destination.

1. Recipients

Here you can specify the recipient's email address to which the report should be sent. AD groups can also be used.

2. Filter/bookmark

You can specify whether you want to apply any filter or bookmark to the report for the selected recipients, before exporting it. This value is set to 'None' by default.

You can learn more about filters and bookmarks here.

Click the 'Clear all' link to clear or reset all the entered filter/bookmarks and recipients' details.

3. Bulk upload

You can also bulk upload a CSV file of filters and bookmarks based on recipients' emails by clicking on the 'Bulk upload' option.

4. Download filters bookmark

Clicking on this option will download the entered recipient's email address and filter/bookmark selection as a CSV file.

The downloaded CSV file looks as shown in the below image.

5. Report preview

This option shows a preview of the report with the applied filter/bookmark. You can preview the report in PDF or Excel formats.

If the report size is less than 2 MB it will be displayed as an inline preview. However, if the file size exceeds 2 MB the preview report will get downloaded as a zip file.

Clicking on the preview icon will display a 'Preview available' toast message at the bottom of the page (if the report/page size is less than 2 MB).

Click the 'View' link to view an inline preview of the report.

The report preview will be displayed as shown in the image below. You can also download the report preview by clicking on the 'Download' button on the preview.

Delete icon

Click the 'Trash' icon to delete the applied filter/bookmark.

6. Subject

Enter the subject line of the email. Clicking the 'Insert variable' link will open up a 'Suggested variables' modal from which you can select the pre-declared variables to be inserted into the subject line.

7. Body

Enter the body/content of the email. Pre-configured variables can be included in the email body as well.

8. File Name

The report will be attached to the email. You can use the built-in variables for the attachment name as well.

9. Send report as

You can select the format in which you want the report to be sent.

Currently, we offer the following three options: 'PDF', 'Excel' and 'Preview images' of high quality.

If you have selected either the 'All pages' option or more than one page in the 'Select' option of the 'Pages' option, then you can export the report as a merged file or as multiple files.

10. Sample e-mail report

Let's look at how an email report will be generated based on the configuration shown below:

Sample email report:

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