Update Subscriptions

To update subscription-related details, billing admins can click on the Subscriptions tile or Menu → Subscriptions from the dashboard.

The billing admin can view a list of all active and past subscriptions, including trial, paid, and canceled subscriptions, by selecting the Subscriptions tile. Every subscription has a unique subscription ID and important dates, such as the expiration date for trial subscriptions, the upcoming payment date for paid subscriptions, and the date of cancellation for canceled subscriptions.

Billing admins can access detailed information about a subscription and make necessary modifications by clicking on it. This opens the subscription page, as shown below, where they can view the plan details, upcoming payment date and amount, invoices, update the shipping information, and generate/download builds.

Update Shipping Details

Click on Update Shipping Info on the Subscriptions page to update the shipping information. The shipping address can differ from the billing address, but the domain in the shipping email must match the billing email. Click Update to save changes.

Generate and Download Builds/Get License key

In the ‘Downloads/Licenses’ section, the billing admin can generate and download the latest builds by clicking Generate Build. After the build is generated, they can click Download.

The latest three versions will be available for admins to download at any time. For certified visuals, the license key can be copied from this section.

Upgrade Subscription

Upgrading the subscription plan to the next tier enables more user licenses to be added to the account at an efficient price per user. You can purchase an upgraded plan here. To know more, refer to this blog.

Cancel Subscription

They can click on Cancel Subscription to cancel the existing subscription.

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