Track changes

Tracking changes in the report using an interactive, filterable, and comment-enabled audit log that captures date, time, user details, task status and more is essential for ​data governance. This gives information such as who commented on a specific data point, and when.

a) Click on 'View all comments' from the 'Comments' drop-down.

b) A side panel opens up showing all the comments along with some filters.

c) Comments and tasks can be filtered by assignee, status and time period. They can also be filtered to show only your threads or show all threads.

d) In the below image, I have filtered my threads and tasks assigned to an user.

e) Comments and tasks can be filtered using a date range by clicking on the 'Calendar' icon highlighted.

Note: With Inforiver Enterprise 2.0, there are some updates to the comments side panel. Header comments and cell level comments are categorised as shown below.

In the next section, we'll cover the general settings and comment digest.

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