Manage rules

When you have several conditional formatting rules in your report, you can easily view and modify them using the 'Manage rules' option.

To access, click on the 'Conditional formatting' dropdown and select 'Manage rules' as shown in the below image. A side panel opens showing a list of all the rules.

a) To edit the existing rules, click on the 'Pencil' icon.

b) You can use the 'Duplicate' icon to create a copy of existing rules and edit further as required.

c) You can delete the rules using the 'Delete' icon corresponding to that rule.

d) Using the 'On/off toggle', you can enable/disable the rules.

e) You can reorder and prioritize the rules using the gripper to drag and drop rules.

You cannot duplicate conditional formatting types such as quick rules, heat maps, and classifications.

Prioritizing rules

Let's consider an example of prioritizing rules. Let's add two rules as defined below.

Rule 1: When 2022 Actuals < 2022 Plan, 2022 Actuals are shown in red.

Rule 2: When 2022 Actuals < 2021 Actuals, 2022 Actuals are shown in blue.

When 2022 Actuals are lesser than both the 2022 Plan and 2021 Actuals, there is a conflict. In such cases, the first rule in the order is executed.

In the image on the left, Rule 1 is executed first. So, the highlighted values are in red. In the image on the right, the same values are in blue.

In the next section, we'll be covering customization options in charts.

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