1. Connections

With connection settings, the administrator can view, manage, and configure all the available writeback connections.

This page lists all the writeback destination connections. Inforiver provides comprehensive filters and search bars to access your connections quickly.

  • The search bar narrows down the list based on the full/partial connection name that is keyed in.

  • The Connection Type filter can be used to view all the connections to a particular type of destination.

  • The Updated By filter can be used to search for connections that a particular user has updated.

i) Add a new connection

To add a new connection, click the 'Add new connection' button to open the Create Connection modal.

In the Create Connection modal, you can select the required writeback destination. Click Continue to open the Add Connection page.

On the 'Add connection' page, enter all your connection-related details.

Enter the connection name and click 'Save connection' to complete the connection creation process.

The created connection will be listed on the Connections page.

ii) Edit/Delete connection

You can edit the available connections using the edit icon(pencil) available on the top right corner of each connection.

Clicking the pencil icon will open the 'Edit connection' page where you can edit or make changes to the connection.

To delete any created connection, click on the 'Trash' icon on the top-right corner of the connection.

This will open up a 'Confirmation' modal. Click 'Confirm' to permanently delete the connection.

2. Settings

The writeback settings let admins configure various access settings for the users. The admin can configure the following settings:

i) Allow users to configure database connections

By enabling this option you can allow users to configure their own DB connections. Disabling this option will let the users use the admin-configured DB.

ii) Allow users to configure OneDrive

Enabling this option will allow users to configure the OneDrive writeback destination.

iii) Allow users to configure SharePoint

Enabling this option will allow users to configure the SharePoint writeback destination.

iv) Allow users to configure URL

Enabling this option will allow users to configure the URL.

In this section, we have covered the writeback settings. Navigate to the next chapter to learn more about the managed DB settings.

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