Editing cells

Inforiver allows you to edit the contents of a cell and apply calculations. These are visual level updates and will not impact the source dataset.

i) Overwriting value

To overwrite an existing value, simply double-click on the cell and enter the new value. You can enter scaled values(250m, 5.6b, etc) or reference other cell values.

Double-click on a cell as shown in the image. A formula bar is enabled below the toolbar. Type in a value and click 'Enter'. Note that Inforiver allows entry of scaled values (e.g. 45.3m instead of 45,300,000).

The value gets updated and the manual update can be identified by the pencil icon in the cell. The totals and subtotals are also updated to include the value entered.

You can even reference other cells and apply formulas to them - using the cell editor, you can define simple mathematical operations such as A +/- B, etc.

ii) Apply formulas

You can use the wide range of formulas and functions available in Inforiver while editing a cell. In the below example, we are using the 'Average' function. As you start typing, you can see the functions that match the entered text as a list. Click on 'Average'.

a) Click on the arrow icon, to see more information such as the arguments and examples.

b) You can click on any cell and it gets automatically populated as shown below. You can also see the result of the operation as highlighted.

c) Let's calculate the average of the two selected cells.

d) You can see the result of the operation and it also gets distributed to the child levels.

iii) Updating multiple cells

You can also override the data in multiple cells with the same value, for instance, set a fixed budget. Select the cells and update the value in any cell, the updated value will get cascaded to all the selected cells.

iv) Renaming Row Categories

You can also rename row categories by double-clicking on them.

The same row category may be repeated at each hierarchy level for hierarchical datasets. When you try to rename such categories at one level, Inforiver displays a prompt to confirm whether the category should be renamed across all levels or only at that level.

  • You can also edit cells using the 'Edit cell' icon in the toolbar. You can access it in the Insert tab > Cell section.

  • Inforiver allows you to edit values AC, PY, PL, FC, and OM measures. You can edit dates and text measures as well.

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