Writeback security settings

Inforiver allows both admin-level security and user-level for writebacks. Admin-level settings can be accessed from the Inforiver console.

Writeback -> Connections Page: Lists all writeback destinations configured by all users in your organization using Inforiver. Admin has access to create new connections, edit existing connections, or delete connections.

If you are working with multiple writeback connections used by multiple reports to write to multiple destinations, you can access these writeback connections effortlessly. Inforiver provides comprehensive filters and search bars to access your connections quickly.

  • The search bar narrows down the list based on the full/partial connection name that is keyed in.

  • The Connection Type filter can be used to view all the connections to a particular type of destination.

  • The Updated By filter can be used to search for connections that a particular user has updated.

Writeback -> Settings: Allows Admin to enable/disable users from creating and configuring writeback destinations. Due to data security and confidentiality requirements, organizations would prefer users to export data to destinations created and configured by admins. This setting will allow the admin to achieve that by disabling users from creating destinations.

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