11. Scheduling reports

With Inforiver, you can deliver reports to email or shared destinations such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and Google Drive​​. Inforiver provides a user-friendly interface to

  • Schedule entire reports, report tabs, or specific pages within a paginated report​

  • Use flexible frequency options – e.g., specific days of the week, month, and more​

  • Create schedules that broadcast to specific users, teams, or entire organization​

  • Send embedded, high-quality executive screenshot right in the body of the email

  • Send only relevant records to recipients by using filters (e.g., only EMEA records to EMEA regional manager)

  • Create one schedule and configure different bookmarks for different destinations

  • Merge multiple report tabs into a single PDF/Excel file and schedule the consolidated extract

This feature requires you to log in to Inforiver Enterprise with your Microsoft 365 account

To create a new schedule from the report, publish the report to the Power BI service and click on the 'New Subscription' option in the 'Export' tab -> 'Schedule' category of the toolbar.

This will redirect you to the 'New subscription' page of the Inforiver Scheduler application. Here you can create your new subscription.

Click on the 'Pencil' icon on the top of the 'New subscription' page to edit the name of the subscription.

In Inforiver, you can easily create new subscriptions, manage your existing subscriptions and also manage the subscriptions of your team/organization members. Let's look at these features in detail.

1. Create a new subscription - You can create new subscriptions using an intuitive user interface. To learn more, refer to create a new subscription.

2. Manage your subscriptions - You can manage all your subscriptions from an easy-to-access dashboard. To learn more, refer to manage your subscriptions.

3. Administration - Inforiver workspace admins can view and manage subscriptions created by all the users in the workspace. To learn more, refer to the administration.

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