8. Paginated reporting

Inforiver provides options such as pagination, header & footer, and report layouts which allow you to build highly formatted & interactive paginated reports. In this section, we'll cover the following:

1. Pagination - Utilize First-Previous-Next-Last navigation, with the ability to insert row, column & section breaks dynamically based on category values (e.g., each category starts on a new page). To learn more, refer to pagination.

2. Header & footer - With Inforiver, you can configure the report header and footer using customizable preset layouts and add charts, KPIs, images and text. To learn more, refer to header & footer.

3. Report layouts - With Report+, you can build no-code paginated reports using preset designs, header/footer formatting capabilities, row/column/section breaks, summary/list/comparison views and more in a matter of minutes. To learn more, refer to report layouts.

4. Display and themes - Frequently used customization options such as toolbar & canvas theme, row highlight, major & minor gridlines that are available in ‘Display Settings’ are covered in display and themes.

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