Update Profile

Billing admins can view and update their profile by clicking View full profile. Alternatively, they can click Menu → Profile to navigate to the Profile page.

The Billing Admin can update the billing address, additional contact details, and payment methods on the profile page by clicking the relevant links.

Update Billing Information

The billing admin can update the billing information by clicking Update Billing Info. The window below opens, and they can update the information by clicking Update.

Add Additional Contact

When billing admins require additional users to assist with tasks such as managing licenses, monitoring subscriptions, generating and working with builds, etc., they can add additional contacts to the account by clicking Add Additional Contact on the Profile page.

They can add their name and email ID and specify whether they should receive only billing or subscription-related emails. Based on the access configured here, these additional users receive appropriate emails and can log in to the portal using an account/subscription-based login.

Update Payment Method

The billing admin can update the payment methods as and when required by clicking on Update Payment Method on the Profile page. Users can quickly add or modify their debit/credit card information here without waiting for the payment link in the mail.

The next section details the Subscriptions page where we manage subscription-related information.

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