Azure Data Lake Storage

Allows you to configure Azure Data Lake Storage as a destination for Inforiver writeback.

After navigating to the add destination page, log-in using your O365 credentials.

After successful log-in, following details will have to be entered,

  • Account

  • File System

  • Directory

  • Partition Required (Y/N)

  • Writeback File Name

  • Insert Variable

The writeback creates a Parquet file in the data lake storage.

Partition Required: If the Inforiver scenario is created and included in the writeback, and the user wants to writeback base and scenarios in separate parquet files, this is recommended.

Insert Variables: Writeback file name can be customized using variables such as Execution ID and date time related IDs.

Security: Please note Inforiver leverages Azure Access Control Lists (ACLs) while configuring Azure Data Lake Storage as a writeback destination. That means, the user is only shown folders and directories that they have access to as per the defined ACL rules.

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