Sort & reorder data

Inforiver provides the standard sorting options - ascending/descending and A->Z/Z->A for numeric and non-numeric columns such as date, dropdown, text and more. Custom sorting orders can also be created using the drag-and-drop reorder feature.

1. Sorting

a) To sort a column by ascending or descending, hover over the column header and click on the gripper as highlighted.

b) Select 'Sort' -> 'Sort desc' as shown.

c) You can see that the column gets sorted and there is an icon to denote the descending sort.

d) To remove the sort, click on 'Remove sort' as shown. Alternatively, you can click on the sort icon in the header to remove the sort.

e) Similarly, sorting can also be applied to non-numeric columns. In a later section, we'll be covering how to insert data input columns such as text, dropdown, date etc.

f) On clicking the gripper near the column header, you can find the sorting options.

g) You can see that the dropdown column is sorted in ascending order both at the region and sub-region levels.

h) Sorting based on text and date columns is shown below.

2. Reordering

With Inforiver, you can custom-sort rows/columns by simply dragging and dropping to order the categories the way you want.

i) Rows

a) As you hover over a row header, you can see a gripper icon highlighted below. Click, hold and move up or down to reorder.

Reordering is possible only within the same hierarchy level.

b) The rows are reordered.

ii) Columns

Similarly, you can reorder columns and measures. Let's reorder the % variance.

a) Click on the column gripper by hovering over the column header.

b) Drag and drop where required. You can see that the measure is reordered as shown below.

c) Another way to reorder columns/measures is through the 'Manage columns' dropdown. Hover over the column/measure you want to reorder and simply drag and drop.

d) Instead, you can also click on the settings icon highlighted.

e) In the manage columns settings panel, hover over the six dots and use it to drag and reorder.

Unlike visual measures, visual columns cannot be re-ordered.

In the next section, we'll cover how to show/hide values, rows, and columns.


Custom sort / reorder rows & columns in Power BI

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