Insert blank rows

Financial statements and reports often require options to add white spaces for formatting. Inforiver provides the insert 'empty row' option to achieve this in a single click.

Select a row below which you would like to insert an empty row. In the 'Insert' tab of the toolbar, click on the 'Insert row' dropdown and select the 'Empty row' option.

Blank rows can be inserted at all levels of the hierarchy.

A blank row gets inserted below Tea & coffee as shown in the image.

The 'Empty row' option can also be accessed using the row gripper. Hover over the 'Tea & coffee' row. Click on the row gripper icon highlighted.

Select 'Insert' and click on the 'Add empty row' option.

The inserted empty row can be deleted by clicking on the row gripper of the empty row and selecting the 'Remove empty row' option.

In the next section, we'll look at the basic inline charts.

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