User Access Control

You can set user permissions for reading and writing forecast data, editing forecasts, re-forecasting, closing periods, and deficit distribution.

To set it, click on the Manage button in the Forecast tab. This opens the Forecast measure side panel, where you can set the user permissions under the 'Sharing' tab. By default, all users are permitted to do the aforementioned actions.

Read: Users with read access would be able to only view the data and add comments.

Read+Write: Users with both read and write access can modify and distribute the forecast data to leaf levels.

Close Period Actions: Users added here will have read/write access as well as permission to perform critical forecast actions like closing the actuals, re-forecasting, and distributing the deficit.

Users having read+write access without 'Close Period Actions' permission cannot close actuals, re-forecast, or distribute deficit.

The access control for forecasting can also be set from the Manage Columns dropdown at the top just like configuring the access control for the measures as shown below.

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