To set SharePoint as the destination, select the 'SharePoint' option from the left pane. The following configurations need to be setup to deliver reports to Sharepoint destinations:

a) Site address

Select the SharePoint site address. E.g. https://<your company> or https://<your company><your folder>.

b)Document library

Select the SharePoint document library to which the report should be delivered.


You can optionally specify the destination subfolder the report will be delivered to.

d) File name

This field is pre-populated with the file name.

Clicking the 'Insert variable' link next to the file name field will suggest pre-defined variables that can be easily inserted into the file names field in a single click.

e) Send report as

You can select the format in which the report has to be sent. Currently, we offer three options: 'PDF', 'Excel', and 'Preview images' of high quality.

If you have selected either the 'All pages' option or more than one page in the 'Select' option of the 'Pages' option, then you can export the report as a merged file or as multiple files.

f) Filter/bookmark

You can select this option if you want the applied filters/bookmarks to be exported to the chosen destination. It is set to 'None' if no filters/bookmarks are applied to the report. You can learn more about it here.

You can also bulk upload filters and bookmarks in csv format.

You can create more than one SharePoint destination folder to export the report. Click on the 'Add folder' button on the top right corner to add another destination folder.

In the next section, we'll look at reviewing and saving subscriptions.

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