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In this guide, we'll be covering Inforiver Matrix and Enterprise. A quick introduction to the two products is given below. For more details, refer to the links or the website.


Inforiver Reporting Matrix - For management, financial, IBCS, and paginated reporting, data exploration, excel-like pivot analysis, visual-level formula calculations, what-if analysis, simulations, forecasting, and formatted export to PDF/Excel. The reporting matrix is a Microsoft-certified visual.

Inforiver Writeback Matrix - For advanced data input (forecasts, text, drop-down lists, etc.), writeback, commenting & collaboration, report scheduling & bursting. Highly useful for use cases such as what-if analysis, simulations, sales forecasting, planning, forecasting, budgeting, and more. Comes in two editions – SaaS and On-Premise.

You can try Inforiver for free or purchase licenses through the two ways listed below:

  1. Microsoft appsource - for seamless license procurement and administration using Microsoft's framework and for use in Power BI Desktop and Service

  2. Inforiver website - for free trials without credit card, license purchase for use in Power BI Report Server, or Embedded or OEM applications

Know more about the pricing tiers for Inforiver.

1. Microsoft Appsource

Inforiver Matrix and Enterprise visuals can be downloaded from Appsource. Free trials are available through Microsoft Appsource only for certain pricing tiers.

2. Inforiver website

The latest features and hotfixes are available on the Inforiver website before they are released on AppSource. You can download and install the Matrix and Enterprise visuals directly from the website if you do not require certified visuals.

STEP 1: Download Inforiver

You will receive an email with a link to download the visual as a .pbiviz file if you have registered for a trial of the Inforiver Reporting Matrix or Writeback Matrix from the Inforiver website or have a paid subscription to Inforiver,

The visual is already embedded with a unique dynamically generated license key for paid subscriptions - you do not have to enter any license key in the visual.


i. When I download, I get the message ‘This XML file does not appear to have any style information’

Your download link has expired. Please verify your email at to access the new download link.

ii. I haven't received the welcome email

Ensure there are no spelling mistakes/typos in the mail ID used for registration.

Check your spam folder or whitelist

If that doesn’t work, reach out to your IT team and ask them to whitelist the domain at the firewall level. You will start receiving subsequent emails from us in your inbox.

If you still have difficulties, reach out to us here.

STEP 2: Install Inforiver

There are 2 different methods to deploy Inforiver in Power BI:

2.1 Install for yourself

  • You can use this option to install the visual on your own in the Power BI desktop or service, without help from your IT or Power BI administrator.

  • You must share the Inforiver build file (.pbiviz file) with additional report authors/creators if they need to use Inforiver.

  • In the future, when there is a newer version of Inforiver, you need to follow the same process to update each of your reports.

Learn more about installing Inforiver for yourself.

2.2 Install for your Organization (Organization Visual)

  • Under this option, your Power BI Administrator uploads Inforiver to the Organizational Custom Visual (OCV)

  • Once uploaded, the custom visual becomes available to all users within your organization who log on to Power BI. You need not share the build file (.pbiviz file) with every creator, they do not have to individually install or update visuals.

  • Any future updates done to the visual – when uploaded to the repository by the administrator – will automatically update all the reports in your organization.

Learn more about installing Inforiver for your organization.

If you have any other queries, reach us through the Inforiver Community. Paid customers can also email the Inforiver support team (mentioned in your purchase email).

In the next section, we'll look at installing Inforiver.

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