Display settings

Inforiver provides plenty of customization options for reporting and visualization which are covered in the following sections:

1. General settings - You can customize the themes, apply grid lines, highlight rows, enable header word wrap, scale bands, and many more. To learn more, refer to general settings.

2. Hierarchy settings - With Inforiver, you can customize hierarchy icons, enable/disable ragged hierarchy, mixed layout, row and column totals, and more. To learn more, refer to hierarchy settings.

3. Advanced number formatting - You can customize value display, units, reading view tooltip, enable semantic formatting, and more​​. To learn more, refer to number settings.

4. Miscellaneous settings - You can enable various options such as word wrap, scroll bat thickness, fiscal start month, etc. To learn more, refer to miscellaneous settings.

5. Scripting - You can set on-load scripts that will execute each time the visual is loaded or refreshed. To learn more, refer to on-load scripting.

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