General includes settings of the subscription timeout, single sender identity, insights, comments, and native.

1. Subscription

Under this section, you can set the time for running the job and the threshold time to move the job to archive status.

a) Job time out

You can set the time out in minutes to run the scheduled job. If a job exceeds the specified time limit, the job will fail with a timeout error.

Depending upon the timeout cycle, the job runs for an additional 15 minutes

b) Archive threshold

Here you can specify the value after which the completed or paused schedules will be moved to the archived state.

You cannot edit, reuse or perform any operations on the jobs in the archived state.

2. General

a) Enable single sender identity

If this option is enabled, then the emails will be sent using the pre-configured FROM email address like ''.

This setting also applies to share reports, comment notifications, and subscription emails

3. Insights

a) Enable dataflow tracking in lineage

It's a backend feature. While logging, the data flow tracking in lineage will be enabled by default.


a) Enable groups in the organization users list

This option is enabled by default so that groups are added to the organization's users list. A user can mention a group or the distribution list in comments, comment digest, or email destination.

5. Native

a) Allow editing on native values in the visual

Enabling this option will allow editing the native values in the visual.

In this section, we have covered the general settings. Navigate to the next chapter to learn more about the writeback settings.

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