Row aggregation

If your data is hierarchical, Inforiver offers the flexibility to apply row aggregations for all branches on a selected level of the hierarchy. You can set different aggregation methods for different levels simultaneously.

To apply a uniform aggregation method to a given level of the hierarchy, navigate to the Hierarchy tab in the Manage Aggregation dialog box. Notice that we can assign different aggregation methods for different levels of the hierarchy.

The aggregation type set in the Hierarchy tab will not be applied to formula measures or quick measures created in Inforiver.

The specified aggregation method is set for a specific level of the hierarchy.

Other methods to set row aggregation

1. Setting aggregation from manage columns

A pop-up displays a list of measures under the Display section. You can change the aggregation type of multiple measures here.

Let's change the aggregation for '2020 Actuals' from 'Sum' to 'Maximum'. Select 'Maximum' aggregation from the dropdown.

In the image below, you can see that East -> 2020 Actuals shows 40.18 which is the maximum of Beverages and Water, whereas East -> 2020 Plan shows 45.03 which is the sum of the two categories.

You cannot set aggregation for a simulation measure. In the below image, you can see that the aggregation field is disabled for the simulation column.

Note that the row aggregation type for calculated columns and manual data input columns can also be defined here in the Manage Columns dialog box in addition to the Insert formula and Data input side panels.

2. Setting aggregation from column gripper

To set aggregation for a specific measure, you can also click on that column's gripper and choose 'Aggregation' from the context menu as shown below. Click on the required aggregation type to apply it to that measure.

In the example below, the 'Forecast' measure has been aggregated to display the maximum value of the child rows using the aggregation method 'Maximum'.

In the next section, we will learn how to manage column aggregations.

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