Whitelist Inforiver IPs

Inforiver's outbound IP address must be whitelisted in the customer's network or database firewalls to access Inforiver services.

Inforiver IP addresses to be whitelisted:

i) -


1. Whitelisting Inforiver for On-Prem Writeback

Inforiver writeback may be unable to connect to on-prem databases hosted in data centers or office networks. This happens because the network firewall between your database and Inforiver blocks the inbound communication initiated for writeback.

For writeback to work with on-prem databases, the admin must whitelist the 5 Inforiver outbound IPs in the network firewall.

2. Whitelisting for Azure SQL

Azure SQL destinations have firewall rules that block connections originating from non-whitelisted IPs. To connect to Azure SQL databases from Inforiver, you must create a firewall rule to open the firewall for a specific range of IP addresses. Learn more about creating firewall rules.

Follow the steps in the image below to whitelist the 5 Inforiver outbound IP addresses.

The screengrab below shows the firewall rules configured for Inforiver would.

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