9. Commenting and collaboration

Power BI provides a native, true, out-of-the-box commenting capability. It supports report-level and visual-level commenting including @mentions and collaborative conversations. However, data-level commenting is not possible.

Data-level commentary is very common in real-life scenarios. Inforiver delivers out-of-the-box and user-friendly notes, annotations, and comments to Power BI users using a no-code user experience. Key highlights of the commentary solution delivered by Inforiver are summarized below:

Both notes & comments in Inforiver are dynamic – in that, they are tied to a specific data point, row or measure. Filtering the report makes the comment appear at the appropriate location – as it is always tied to the data.

But the similarities stop there. Notes & Comments in Inforiver are different in the following ways:

  1. You can respond to a comment, but not to a note.

  2. Comments are collaborative, while notes are only used to annotate/provide additional context to data

  3. Commentary needs users to be authenticated with Office365 and hence is available only with Inforiver Enterprise. Notes are supported in both Inforiver Matrix and Enterprise.


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