Report interface

The Inforiver matrix report interface contains the following sections:

  1. Toolbar: The multi-tab toolbar has several action items that can be used to configure the report

  2. Report header: The multi-line, formattable report header can be used to provide additional information on the report

  3. Report canvas: this section contains the body of the report where information is displayed in tabular form

  4. Status bar: The status bar contains information such as the following

    • Aggregation information: Displays the number of rows. When a measure is selected, this section can also show metrics such as sum, average, and count.

    • Zoom/Un zoom controls: You can use the controls provided in the footer or use the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + / Ctrl -)

    • Pagination controls: You can use first-previous-next-last navigation controls, and also set the number of rows per page.

In the next section, we'll look at the available layout options.

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