Miscellaneous settings

1. View

i) Visual context menu

When the Visual context menu option is enabled, a context menu is displayed by right-clicking a row.

ii) Header word wrap

When the Header Word Wrap option is enabled, the header content is wrapped according to the height of the cell. The image below shows how the headers are displayed when the header word wrap option is disabled.

You will be able to see the entire header when word wrap is enabled.

iii) Quick shortcuts

This option lets you add quick shortcut icons in the Actions section. The Undo, Redo, Export as Excel, and Best Fit options are selected by default. You can select additional options including Export PDF, Aggregation, and Smart Analysis. The shortcuts for all the selected options will be displayed in the Actions section.

iv) Show info messages

You can disable this option if you do not wish to see pop-up notifications and info messages.

v) Absolute sort

Enabling this option will sort measures based on the magnitude, irrespective of whether a value is positive or negative.

Notice how the values are sorted based on magnitude when absolute sort is turned on.

vi) Show measure header

The column or measure headers will hidden if this option is disabled.

vii) Fiscal year start month

Inforiver supports planning, budgeting, and forecasting for fiscal periods as well. You can set the start month of the fiscal year using this option.

viii) Show floating toolbar

When the main toolbar has been unpinned, you will still be able to apply cell-level formatting, show/hide cell values, and add comments using the floating toolbar. Disable this option if you do not require the floating toolbar.

ix) Diagnose

This option can be enabled if you wish to mask your data and generate random values when the data is being shared and security is a concern.

x) Allow native measure editing in read view

If this option is enabled, report users in the reading view can update native measures.

xi) Increase scroll thickness

You can increase the thickness of the horizontal and vertical scrollbars using by enabling this option.

xii) Hide pinned base rows

Inforiver’s pin rows feature enables you to tag important rows in your data at the top of your report. Using this feature creates duplicate rows at the visual level (there is no change to your data). In the report below, notice how the pinned rows such as ‘Bookcases’ are repeated in the table below.

You can enable the Hide pinned base rows option to hide the actual row and retain only the pinned rows.

2. Status bar

i) Show status bar

You can show/hide the status bar with this option. If this option is enabled, the Status Panel Aggregation option becomes available.

ii) Status panel aggregation

The Status Panel Aggregation option allows you to show the aggregation such as sum, average, min, max, and count for the values selected in the visual. In the below example, you can see the sum, average, and count aggregation for the selected values/measure in the status bar.

Only a maximum of three aggregations are displayed in the status bar.

3. Cell/row/column

i) Global error handling

Inforiver provides a global error handling setting that internally handles missing reference errors and converts the missing values to 0 when used in calculations.

Consider that you are deriving the standard deviation for beverages across EMEA and APAC regions.

If EMEA data is not available, the calculation will still work seamlessly in the report without throwing errors.

Notice how a missing reference error is displayed when the error handling setting is disabled.

ii) Edit cell indicator

This option allows you to identify the edited/modified cell values in the visual. If you enable this option, the modified cell values are indicated by a pencil icon next to the corresponding values.

iii) Show row indicator

You can identify manually inserted rows by enabling this option. A pencil icon is displayed next to data input or calculated rows.

iv) Row label editor

This option allows you to identify if the original row labels are modified in the visual. If you enable this option, the modified row labels are indicated by an edit icon next to the corresponding label.

v) Common measure width

Changing the width of one column will change the width of all other columns accordingly when this option is enabled. If this option is disabled, the width of every single column can be changed individually. In the below image, the width of the Qtr 2 column alone is modified.

vi) Column spacing

This option allows you to adjust the spacing between the columns. If this option is turned on, you can specify the required column spacing in the input field.

The minimum and maximum values of column spacing are 0 and 20 respectively.

vii) Pin icon

You can select a custom icon for pinned rows and columns.

4. Reading view tooltip

Inforiver offers customizations for the tooltip in the reading view.

i) Scaled tooltip for numbers - Enabling this option will display the values in a scaled format in the tooltip.

ii) Custom decimals - Enabling this option lets you customize the decimal points to be displayed in the tooltip

iii) Decimal places - Field where you can enter the number of decimal places

The below image shows the values in a scaled format with one decimal point as specified.

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