10. Exporting reports

Inforiver provides options such as pagination, header & footer, and report layouts which allow you to build highly formatted & interactive paginated reports. In this section, we'll cover the following:

1. Export to PDF/Excel - You can perform formatted export to excel and PDF while retaining the report layout, cell, value & number formatting, notes & annotations, and more. To learn more, refer to export to PDF & Excel.

2. Ad-hoc emails - With Inforiver, you can send ad-hoc, formatted PDF/Excel exports of the report by email to select recipients, including external stakeholders. To learn more, refer to ad-hoc emails.

3. Snapshots - Snapshots are read-only versions that can be used to freeze the data at month-end accounting/financial closes for future comparisons that are not impacted by source data changes and dataset refreshes. To learn more, refer to snapshots.

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