Keyboard shortcuts

Below are the keyboards shortcuts that you can use to work efficiently with Inforiver.

1. Toolbar


a) To switch to the 'Home' tab

Alt + H

b) To switch to the 'Insert' tab

Alt + I

c) To switch to the 'Export' tab

Alt + E


a) To zoom in on the report

Ctrl + scroll the mouse wheel or Ctrl + +

b) To zoom out on the report

Ctrl + scroll the mouse wheel or Ctrl + -

c) To turn on pagination (Based on the number of rows that fit on a page)

Alt + L + 1

d) To turn off pagination

Alt + L + 0

3. Selection

i) Navigate cells


a) To navigate cells

← ↑ → ↓

b) To move to the first/last cell horizontally or vertically

Ctrl+ ← ↑ → ↓

In the case of cell navigation, ← → won't work when a row is selected and ↑ ↓ won't work when a column is selected.

ii) Cells & cell ranges


a) To multi-select adjacent cells and cell ranges

Shift+ ← ↑ → ↓

b) To select cells between two cells

First cell+ Shift+ Last cell

c) To multi-select non-adjacent cells and cell ranges

Ctrl+ select cells

iii) Rows & columns


a) To select the nth row

Alt + R + n

b) To select the nth column

Alt + C + n

c) To multi-select adjacent rows/columns

Select row/column + ← ↑ → ↓

d) To select all the intermediate rows/columns from source to target like Excel

First row/column + Shift+ Last row/column

e) To multi-select non-adjacent rows or columns

Ctrl + select rows/columns

f) To multi-select rows using checkboxes

Alt + M

g) To select all the rows and columns

Ctrl + A

h) Skip rows

Alt +G

4. Formatting

i) Style formatting


a) To bold the selection

Ctrl + B

b) To italicize the selection

Ctrl + I

c) To underline the selection

Ctrl + U

ii) Number formatting


a) To open the 'Quick format' dropdown

Alt + N + 0

b) To apply 'Uniform' scaling

Alt + N + 1

c) To apply 'Measure level' scaling

Alt + N + 2

d) To apply 'Auto' scaling

Alt + N + 3

e) To apply 'Native' scaling

Alt + N + 4

f) To convert selection to percentage

Ctrl + Shift + %

g) To add prefix/suffix

Alt + J

5. Layout


a) To open the 'Layout' dropdown

Alt + B

b) To expand selected row level

Alt +

c) To collapse selected row level

Alt +

6. Templates


a) To open the templates side panel

Alt + T

b) To apply the 'Performance - T01' template

Alt + T + 1

c) To apply the 'Performance - T02' template

Alt + T + 2

d) To apply the 'Performance - T03' template

Alt + T + 3

e) To apply the 'Performance - T04' template

Alt + T + 4

f) To apply the 'Performance - T05' template

Alt + T + 5

g) To apply the 'Grid - Default' template

Alt + T + 6

h) To apply the 'Grid - Spreadsheet' template

Alt + T + 7

i) To apply the 'Financial - Simple' template

Alt + T + 8

j) To apply the 'Financial - Standard' template

Alt + T + 9

7. Analyze


a) To create a new rule

Alt + Y

b) To apply 'Color scale'

Alt + Y + 1

c) To apply 'Classification'

Alt + Y + 2

d) To apply 'Data bars'

Alt + Y + 3

e) To customize totals

Alt + D

f) To apply Top N + Others

Alt + N + R

g) To apply filter

Alt + F + I

Select a column before using the Top N + Others shortcut; else gets applied to the first column in the report.

8. Calculate


a) To open the 'Insert rows' dropdown

Alt + I

b) To open the 'Quick formulas' dropdown

Alt + Z

9. Actions


a) To undo an action

Ctrl + Z

b) To redo an action

Ctrl + Shift + Z

c) To reset all changes

Ctrl + Shift + H

d) To copy a selection

Ctrl + C

e) To copy a selection to a clipboard

Alt + Z

f) To paste a selection

Ctrl + V

g) To open the audit log

Alt + U

In the next section, we'll be covering reset options.

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