Advanced topics

In this section, we'll cover some advanced functionalities such as

1. Audit log - Inforiver provides an interactive, filterable, exportable and comment-enabled audit log to track changes to your report. To learn more, refer to audit log.

2. Back up & restore report config - Inforiver allows you to import/export the visual configuration as a JSON file which can be saved to your local system and shared with other users. To learn more, refer to backup & restore report config.

3. Enterprise themes - The Inforiver report configuration can be saved as a theme and reused within the organization. To learn more, refer to enterprise themes.

4. PowerPoint integration - You can embed live Inforiver reports in PowerPoint presentations. Learn more about embedding Inforiver reports in PPTs.

5. Managing Inforiver enterprise visuals - You can use the Power BI deployment pipeline to migrate enterprise visuals. There are certain factors to keep in mind while copying enterprise visuals or working parallelly on the desktop and service. Learn about deploying, copying, and maintaining multiple instances of enterprise visuals.

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