Why Inforiver

Inforiver offers the fastest way to build Power BI reports, using a comprehensive set of features that enable a cutting-edge user experience.

8 reasons to choose Inforiver

1. Consolidate all data & analytics needs in Power BI

Inforiver for Power BI helps you retire legacy tools and deliver all analytics needs from Power BI:

  • Retire visualization software like Tableau, Spotfire, and Qlik

  • Migrate from reporting tools like Cognos, WebFocus, SAP and more

  • Avoid spending on add-ons for PowerPoint reports such as ThinkCell and Mekko Graphics

  • Eliminate Excel-based worksheets used for maintaining forecasts, budgets, master data, pivot reports, and more

2. End-to-end Security and Governance

Inforiver visuals are certified by Microsoft. In addition, the product enables three levels of security inside your Power BI reports:

  1. Security provided by your tenant / Power BI at the workspace and data levels (including RLS or row-level security)

  2. Inforiver-level security - e.g., administrators can decide whether Inforiver users can write to Snowflake

  3. Report-level security - e.g., report creators can authorize specific users to perform specific actions in the report, such as who can comment, enter data, create scenarios, etc.

3. Built for business users with no coding experience

Inforiver is a no-code product built to support business users and casual users with zero coding skills. It automates a lot of activities for you that require you to write DAX or PowerQuery scripts or create applications using Microsoft PowerApps.

You can create the following without writing a single line of code:

  • Forecast templates

  • Financial statements

  • Commenting & collaboration

  • Data writeback

  • ... and more

4. Get features 'highly voted' by industry peers

Inforiver delivers a variety of features that have repeatedly been requested in Power BI idea place and community forums.

In essence, these features are not available in Power BI today. While some can be implemented using workarounds, many of these are simply not achievable even with DAX and PowerQuery scripting.

5. Deliver functionality missing in Power BI

Using Inforiver, you can implement key features available in other BI tools but not seen in Power BI yet, such as:​

  1. Visual PivotTable for your hierarchical data on all three axes (x,y,z) like Spotfire​

  2. Small multiple for all charts like Tableau and Spotfire ​

  3. Split and group measures into small multiple panels like Tableau ​

  4. Flexible chart combinations in small multiples like Tableau​

  5. Lasso and reverse lasso selections like Qlik and Tableau​

  6. Small-multiple tables with Excel-like formatting ​

6. The best no-code writeback in the industry

Inforiver offers the best solution for writeback across all BI platforms (and not just Power BI). The no-code writeback capability enables use cases such as the following:

  • Persisting data that is edited, cleansed, or updated

  • Creating forecasts and budgets

  • Track comments and data-level conversations

  • Create scenarios and snapshots

  • ... and more

7. Best practices and standards

Inforiver adopts a business-responsive design that can help users deliver IBCS-compliant business, management, variance, and performance reports in a single click. Inforiver offers a wide variety of charts and table templates, advanced small multiples, data-level comments, top N + others, pixel-perfect Export to PDF, and many more.

8. One-stop shop for all your needs

Procure visuals from one provider for all your requirements, ensuring standardization and ease of maintenance

  • Analytics+ with 50+ charts, cards & tables

  • Matrix for reporting and scheduling

  • Forecasting, planning, budgeting with writeback

  • Table editor with governance, workflow and audit

  • Project management / Gantt visual (xViz)

  • Performance flow for creating trees, process & network diagrams (xViz)

In the next section, we'll be looking at how to get started with Inforiver.

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