Insert measure from bridge

Just like we inserted rows, we can also insert data input measures from one visual into another visual. We will demonstrate this with an example.

Consider two reports: one that has the employee salary details at the lowest hierarchical level (Org > Dept > Job Title > Employee > Salary) and another that has the aggregated salary data rolled up to the department level (Org > Dept).

Let us assume we want to include the data input measure 'Additional Bonus', from the first visual to the second visual. Here are the steps involved:

STEP 1: Create a bridge with the source visual using the steps illustrated here. The bridge is created as below:

STEP 2: Perform the required transformations on the bridge source, if necessary.

In this example, we need to remove the row categories from the source that are not present in the target visual. Click on Pivot Table, remove the categories and click Apply.

The result is shown below. Note that we need to insert the highlighted data input measures into the target visual.

STEP 3: Map the dimensions between the source and the target visuals for integration. The steps are illustrated here.

STEP 4: Using Insert Measure option, insert the measures into the target visual.

  1. Click on InfoBridge -> Insert Measure In the target visual. You can also use Data Input -> Import from Infobridge to insert an Infobridge measure.

  1. In the side panel, select the required mapping from the dropdown, the measure to be included, and click Create.

  1. The measure is now inserted. It can be managed similar to Inforiver data input measure.

  1. However, the measure values are read-only and can not be edited. Any changes made in the source are automatically updated in the target.

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