Onboard actions

Onboarding actions facilitate admins with a one-page checklist for user management and settings.

With onboard actions, you can configure and manage necessary configurations such as user management, consents, writeback/sync, and integrations settings in a single click.

Select 'onboard actions' on the admin console page

A pop-up opens showing the action, status, and description details of the configurations.

Click on 'Additional settings' to navigate to the settings page.

1. Manage users

It is the user management configuration where you can add/remove users and assign user roles. Clicking on 'Manage' will navigate you to the user management page.

2. Consents

Power BI permission, data flow tracking, and organization group configurations are managed under consent. Clicking on 'Configure' will navigate you to the settings page.

3. Writeback/sync

You can configure the database connections and writeback destinations in a single click.

Clicking on 'Configure' will navigate you to the settings page where you can do the additional settings.

4. Integrations

You can configure and schedule external destinations such as Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Google Drive.

If you try to disconnect the integrations, a pop-up opens with a warning message showing the list of schedules linked with it. Click 'Ok' to confirm disconnection.

Another way to access 'Integrations' is to click on 'My profile' and then select 'My Integrations'.

In the next section, we'll be covering Enterprise themes.

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