Insert rows from bridge

In this section, we will demonstrate how to extract rows from the source visual and insert them into a target visual.

We need to combine data from two reports. The first report contains product sales and COGS data for the France region (source visual), while the second report contains the same information for all regions (destination visual).

Here are the visuals:

STEP 1: Add the source visual to the bridge. This enables us to perform any data transformations on it if required and enables the first step for integration.

STEP 2: Map the dimensions and measures between the source and destination visuals, ensuring a seamless integration.

STEP 3: Insert rows from the source to the target visual using the Insert Rows option.

If the source visual is already available in a bridge in the required format, you can directly start with step 2, mapping the dimensions.

Both the source and target visuals can be part of the same bridge.

In this scenario, we can either utilize the 'Append Query' transformation option within the bridge to integrate them, or use the 'Insert Rows' feature from the Inforiver source visual while selecting the target visual from the necessary query in the bridge.

1. Adding source visual to the bridge

  1. Create a new bridge with the source visual using InfoBridge -> Create Bridge option following the steps illustrated here.

  1. The bridge is created as below.

You can also transform the source data using the options in the bridge, before it is included in the target visual.

2. Mapping dimensions between the visuals

Before combining the source and the target visuals, we must first map their respective dimensions and measures to establish their relationship, ensuring a seamless integration.

  1. To map the dimensions, click Manage Integration in the target visual under the InfoBridge tab. In the side panel that opens, click Add New.

  1. In the pop-up window, select the bridge that contains the source.

  1. After selecting, the bridge details are displayed. Select the required source query within the bridge and click Next.

  1. This navigates you to the 'Map Dimension' tab. Verify the mapping of rows, columns, and measures between the source and the destination visuals. Manually map them if required. Click Add.

The mapping is now done.

3. Insert rows from source to target

  1. In the target visual, select any row and click Insert Rows from the InfoBridge tab.

  1. Preview the source query and click Save. To add new query, click 'Add New Query'. You can add as many queries as required if you want to further add new sources.

  1. The rows are successfully inserted as below. Rows inserted from the bridge source are marked with a link icon beside them.

Infobridge rows are read-only and cannot be edited. Any changes made in the source are automatically updated in the target.

In the next section, we will look at inserting measures from one visual to another.

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