Manage Integration of visuals

You can create multiple integrations based on the number of Infobridge queries you want to connect to and extract data from. For instance, if you want to insert rows/measures from five different visuals, you'll need to create five integration mappings.

1. Add new integration

The steps to create an integration and map the dimensions are already explained in the previous section.

2. Manage integration

To manage the existing integrations, you can click on the respective icons highlighted below in the 'Manage Integration' side panel.

2.1. View integration details

Clicking on the first icon displays the source and the mapping details.

2.2. Launch integration

Click this icon to navigate to the mapped bridge source.

2.3. Edit integration

This option lets you change the existing mapping. Note that you cannot modify the bridge details (the source query that is mapped), but you can change the mapping of dimensions and measures.

2.4. Delete integration

Click this icon to delete the integration.

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