Enterprise features

As mentioned in manual input columns, Inforiver Enterprise provides additional features compared to Inforiver Premium Matrix.

  1. Data type - Person

  2. Track changes at row level using the last updated at/by columns

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Let's take a detailed look.

1. Person

In the 'Data input' dropdown, you can now see an additional type called Person. Once a data input column is added in Inforiver Enterprise, two columns – Last updated at and last updated by get enabled. These are covered in track changes at the row level.

a) Click on 'Person'. The person column side panel is shown in the below image.

You can choose to insert as a visual measure or column. Entry can be enabled or disabled in the total/subtotal rows using the 'Allow entry on total/subtotal rows' checkbox. Input access can be configured using the 'Allow input' option.

Click 'Create'.

b) The person column gets inserted. Double-click on any of the cells. You can see a list of the users within the organization. Select any of the users.

c) Start typing a name or scroll to find the desired user. Click on the username.

d) You can also select multiple users if required.

e) Click 'Enter' to save the data. You can see the user's name displayed as shown below.

2. Last updated at/by

You can track changes at the row level using the two columns – 'Last updated at' and 'Last updated by' which capture metadata for changes in the data input columns.

These are enabled once you add a data input column and can be found in the data input dropdown. Select/deselect to show/hide columns. They can also be enabled/disabled from the ‘Manage columns’ dropdown.

In the next section, we'll be covering quick formulas.

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